Why you shouldn’t use cheap chargers for Apple products

So you stopped by the gas station and decided to grab one of their cheap $5.99 lightning cables for your iPhone. Little did you know this cable would end up costing you over $140.

Now I know what you’re thinking, this cable only costs $6.77 after taxes, how is this over $140. The unfortunate truth is these cables are not MFI certified to talk to and work reliably with your Apple device, and because of this can burn and short a charging chip in your iPhone.

If this happens you will need to then have the chip replaced which is starting at $119, as well as purchase a replacement MFI Certified cable from us or another company for $20+. Resulting in a cost of over $140 for this one $5.99 cable.

We carry and stock several varieties of MFI Certified Lightning cables for Apple devices which will not cause issues with your devices for under $25. They can be found on our website here.

Think twice before buying a cheap charging cable!